Your Social Media Plan for 2014

SM2014Beginning or improving your organization’s online campaign brand promotion or product marketing in the New Year should not be left until the New Year arrives. An end of the year gift of advice on how to identify and scale prospects, build viral social media campaign, achieve marketing and sales alignment and optimize results is offered in the short series.

The first concern for the New Year is to ask the question: what social media plan do you have and how can you gather resources together to implement them and engage your customers. This helps any organization be it small, medium or large enterprise to set purposeful goals of socially interacting with their customers online and beyond.

Knowing fully well that beyond the final product, satisfaction to customers come from their social affinity and brand connection and interaction with the suppliers of this commodity. Setting out in the New Year with viral and effective social media goals and plans to achieve these goals should be such with tactical objectives.

The social media plan for 2014 should include clear and well thought objectives to be used to accomplish goals. Any organization or cause that considers social interactivity important in 2014 must examine the following:

     1. Increase inbound leads at a low cost

     2. Engage and excite influencers

     3. Better understand, identify, and engage potential buyers

     4. Improve customer service and satisfaction

     5. Enhance outbound campaign program effectiveness

To achieve the listed points, a combination or all of the social media engagement tools must be planned for and available resources to implement them also understood. These are basically:

  • Blog
  • Social Networks
  • Microblogging
  • Social PR
  • Widgets
  • Booking Marking / Tagging
  • Social Apps & Voting
  • Blog Commenting / Q&A Sites
  • Online Video
  • Photo Sharing
  • Podcasting
  • Presentation Sharing

The following blog issues will explain in simple terms what to do with these tools.


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Basics of Virtual Transition for your Business

Business enterprise has leverage on the avalanche of tools which digital technology offer. The need to transit to digital space has become one decision management personnel of many organizations are thinking. The challenge however, is how to go about it. Sure digital transition strategy looks a hard knock but some efforts at social networking which as individuals, connects us with Friends and Family are potent tools to connect our business enterprises with our immediate customers and the world. An important thing about social media and virtual business is that both are footed by interaction. It is no more news that customers are no longer satisfied with TV ads but buy from organizations that talk back through their social networks. This has informed various social interaction initiatives used by corporate organizations like GT bank, Jumia, Konga, Etisalat and MTN. These four (4) social network platforms can just be the basic digital tools to land your business on the virtual pedestal.1. Facebook: You sure know facebook but you may not know that over 70 per cent of your customers who are active online have a facebook account and use it for every kind of interaction. If you are looking for the best way to get them interacting with you about your products and services, get your business stocked on Facebook. 2. Twitter: Imagining the best way to broadcast your messages on products, services, updates, events, and other things your business enterprise engage? Twitter is fluid, fast and furious! A great thing about the 140 words limitation of twitter is that it spurs you to compose creative and charming messages that rub into the sensations of customers and also massage their pockets. It has the synchronization dynamics that makes it connect to your facebook post even without you doing it again. It just by linking the two social networks. 3. LinkedIn: Your business is connected to at least three industries. There are many professionals within these industries interacting on challenges, opportunities, innovations and financial support available on per minute basis. You sure need to connect and express your ideas where like-minds converge virtually. The real time professional information which you can engage and virtual space for expertise advise and events take place on Linked In. Take your profession, your business ideas, enterprises challenges to where others can feel your discussions and connect with events around your industries. 4. Blogsite/Website: There is no better way to connect with your customers than from a platform of your own. You can start with facebook, twitter and connect with other industry actors and activities via facebook. But a customized and personal platform to virtually interact with your customers. While awaiting to have your website if you are not fully ready to launch, you can harness the free hosting blogsites/websites that are available. Examples of free hosting websites to sign up are Wordpress, Joomla, Blogger and Google sites. To sign up is as simple as setting up an e-mail account. Another advantage of these free hosting blogsites or websites is the simplicity of their settings and usage. If you can use a Wordpard or MS Word easily, I can assure you will find it less difficult learning to set up your own site.

Basics of Virtual Transition for your Business

Tips on Microsoft Excel (1) - 10 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Office suite offer softwares that are handful for office, research operation. The suites include software for word text, data analysis, presentation  project management, email among others. A lot of functions given to personnel in and out of work place are easily done with these tools. It becomes necessary for 21st century organizations to use this and many other tools to deliver tasks. The task of using this software sometimes is challenging having to go through many commands and drop-down options to achieve one function on the software tool. This does not leave MS excel, which is used mostly for data analysis, graphical presentations and research. Computer keyboard shortcut are available to achieve many of these functions. This blog issue is to give tips on usage of MS Excel. To begin, I have got 10 useful keyboard shortcut for you in the table below. 10 USEFUL Excel Keyboard Shortcuts S/N Shortcut Key Function 1 F2 To edit a cell comment 2 Alt Enter Move to next line within a cell comment 3 Alt + Auto sum selected cells and places value in cell beneath 4 Ctl  “ Copies value from cell above to current cell 5 Ctl  ; Inserts current date 6 Ctl Shift & Applies outline border to selected cells 7 Ctl Shift $ Currency formats current cell 8 Ctl Shift F Activates font drop down list 9 Ctl Shift P Activates font point size drop down list 10 Ctl Shift L Enable Filtering of selected cell(s) FREE LESSONS at http://www.gcflearnfree.org/excel

Tips on Microsoft Excel (1)  - 10 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts


Blogging has become important to very important tool for interacting with customers, employees. A blog, because of its features, can be used for information dissemination, affiliate marketing, brand or product promotion. In setting out fresh in 2014, the agenda should be what blog platform to use, hosting the blog or not and many times what and how many blogs to start with Even though it is suggested that while learning the art of writing blogs, you can start with a free hosting, it is better to know very early that professional blogging makes less impression as either free Blogger or Wordpress host. A blog host can be acquired by spending around $100. Also note that while starting, a blog looks very easy and fascinating, I started that way and even got myself to write for other blog sites, and I learned a lot about blogging start-ups. I learnt and am still learning that maintaining multiple blogs at a time is very tasking and leaves you dry on many of the blogs you are committed to. Seriously, it made me take a vacation on blogging. So the real deal is start one and put energy into it. Another important thing to know is the reason for blogging. To succeed as a blogger, your success certainly would depend on what things or interest you are blogging bout. This is usually referred to as NICHE. Niche selection plays a vital role in making a blogger professional and blog successful. So choose right and be sure to know about the ‘Niche’ you choose because you will be needing along the way as you consider making money from it, thorough analysis which will eventually be focused at a  target market to bring home the right earning from the niche. If niche is not important to you as a blogger, then future money making is also not an interest. Now as you set out even as old or new blogger, the objectives of blogging is very important in the New Year. Your blogging objectives for 2014 should reflect short term objectives which should revolve around increasing recognition while the long term should be towards increasing engagement with your audience. However, the results that are generated from your efforts also need to be measured, analyzed and engaged for further actions. Key metric or blog analytics are available and can be integrated into your blog. To increase recognition, you must be determine number of posts, have blog publication schedule, integrate RSS button and also include social share buttons. To increase engagement, you must create avenue for comments, forum pages, and add social share buttons. Basic metrics are number of posts, number of social shares, audience growth, conversation rate, conversions, subscribers, inbound links, directory listings and importantly, search engine optimization (SEO). So don’t forget, one blog to start, going professional? Go for paid hosting, choose your niche right, have clear objectives and never be afraid of having them small. Wishing You A Blogging Right 2014.


Social Media and Nigerian Health Sector: Stupor of Social Innovation

The influence of social media in the socio-economic development of the world is explosive. Its impact on organizations’ sales, marketing, public relations and customer relations is making many CEO’s and management decision makers to rethink their profitability and stakeholders’ wealth strategy. Social media has become very productive in the banking sector as banks like Guaranty Trust Bank, First Bank, Diamond Bank, etc have stepped up to social banking. Also, the core of e-commerce has been placed on social commerce whereby customers now buy products via social networks such as twitter and Facebook and their mobile phones. Public services such as Emergency management agency, Road safety commission and even the Police Force across the states and at the national level even though unsystematically, have resulted to deploring social media for social and behavior change communication. The health sector in Nigeria has failed to recognize the tremendous advantage that social and mobile communication can do improve their service delivery. The nature of job hospitals and community health centres do is such that most of the times require immediacy. A woman who has lost blood and about to deliver in the middle of the night needs immediate attention, accident victims in the middle of nowhere need immediate first aid and a convulsing child require on-the-spot attention which can be provided or communicated easily a systematically designed social and mobile communication strategy at almost no extra cost of operations. The health sector is the backbone of a nation’s well-being. It provides the professional and momentous medical and even natural crisis management aid to the whole country. Practitioners in the sector cannot afford to be insensible to innovations and social strategies to help them in communicating health messages to their everyday people. Many health workers and medical practitioners especially those in urban centres use smart phones and high-tech gadgets which are machineries to make their job easier and less strenuous. It is unfortunate that many fail to realize the magnanimous first aid tool these smart phones, laptops and the internet on it can be. Many doctors and nurses have been found to search online for medical information but fail to use the same to give information back to their primary reasons – clients – for the search and research. It is high time medical practitioners begin to understand and deplore social and communication tools for medical and community health services.      *image credits - www.quickmedical.com

Social Media and Nigerian Health Sector: Stupor of Social Innovation

3 Reasons Nigerian Hospitals Need Social media

Nigerian hospitals need to wake up to the role they perform to the public. This is offering real time and first aid information. The viral means to do this has been found in social media. Three (3) good reason are discussed below.  Awareness – Hopsitals and health practitioners are beyond prescribing drugs and therapy, custodians of a great information which are beneficial to the public. Social media provided the avenue to create beheviour change messages to the public as well as provide the multimedia channels to disseminate novel and critical, healthcare information out to theHospital patients find information they get directly from their hospitals or doctors more reliable that those just flying about on precautions, health tips and other important health education they might need. The viral nature which information flow on social media can be a very effective means of disseminating information quickly, particularly when that information comes from a highly regarded direct medical source and very useful for first aid and other immediate needs to patients. Connecting with customers – Hospital is a business like any other service providers and thus require brand reputation, break even and reach out to more client no matter how specialized the medial practice done in the hospital. A recent study published by the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that “approximately 60 percent of Internet users report using the Internet to look for health information.” This shows clearly that hospitals and each health practitioner you can reach 60 percent of internet users with information about their health and your hospital as well. Likewise, hospitals as community health stakeholders must engage viral media to provide or rather serve the general public and salvage what is possible as an online first aid. Factoring the Reserved - Social media capacity to inform everyone on the internet is only a great advantage, the greater plus is it gives room to fill in the reserved and or “shy” people. Hospitals and health practitioners will agree that many clients like to have medical information and relate with healthcare provider without committing to a face-to-face appointment. The nature of ailments some people encounter, especially venerable diseases, makes them reluctant to meet or speak directly to a healthcare provider as the first step toward receiving treatment. Many people have been victims of death for this reason. With social media information on Facebook, Twitter, and Mobile social networks like Blackberry groups hospitals can offer specific advice and guidance in “non-threatening” ways, with the ultimate goal of making prospective patients more comfortable when it comes to reaching out directly. ** image credit - www.adrants.com  

3 Reasons Nigerian Hospitals Need Social media

The African E-Learning Market Report by Docebo

  The African E-Learning Market National governments are not the only ones playing a key role in the development of information and communication technologies (ICT) for education. Other sponsors of this trend are international authorities, such as UNESCO, which invests heavily in developing a modern framework for education in the region. Most of these initiatives are vertical, like UNESCO’s initiative to disseminate the important role women have played in African history (see: http://en.unesco.org/womeninafrica/). However, the development of a mature E-Learning market in Africa is still restricted by the lack of proper IT infrastructures and connectivity solutions. According to 2012 estimates, Internet penetration in Africa has reached only 15.6%. Although the number of people on whom the internet has an impact is undoubtedly higher, this statistic demonstrates a significant infrastructural disparity between Africa and the other continents. Today, the fast-growing market for mobile devices looks to be the strongest trend that will support the development of E-Learning in Africa. Over the few next years, various observers believe that we’ll see not only an increase in revenues but also the birth of local players within the E-Learning Market. The first MOOC initiative designed by Africans for Africans -- The AMI Virtual Campus is Africa’s  first  free  online  learning  platform  for African managers and entrepreneurs -- has already been instigated. “Surveys indicate that the African population is willing to engage with new technology-based tools to improve their education and knowledge. However, the continent’s infrastructure proves to be a large challenge, undermining the long-term benefits of Internet and Mobile learning strategies. A new mindset is required to adopt ‘Cloud’ technologies, with African youth pushing favorably towards new learning methodologies that would allow them to catch up with their intercontinental counterparts.” Lorenzo Torresin, Technical Director, Allos South Africa. Extracted from E-Learning Market Trends & Forecast 2014 - 2016. Report A report by Docebo | March 2014

The African E-Learning Market Report by Docebo

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